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The Medicine Wheel

  • November 30, 2019

The Medicine Wheel

What is The Medicine Wheel?

The Medicine Wheel is a wonderful and powerful reflective tool that can assist you to feel safe and secure and guide you to discover new things about yourself. The term originates in the remains of over seven circular stone structures scattered throughout the Plains of North America, two-thirds of which are in Alberta, Canada. The patterns and size vary from a few feet to sixty yards in diameter.

There is little archaeological evidence to shed light on the actual use of the Medicine Wheel, though recent studies indicate they were used to track both astronomical phenomena and the passing of the seasons. It is believed that the more recent wheels were built by Plains tribes and used in ceremonies that called forth protective spirits to bring health, fertility, food and protection.


In Touch with the Earth

The teachings of the Medicine Wheel show us that there was a time when humans were more closely connected with forces of nature and the elements of Mother Earth. They lived in harmony with the animals and understood the lessons they had to share. The plants also held knowledge for them as they learned their secrets of power and healing. They respected the wisdom of the rocks, minerals and crystals that have been here since the beginning of time. They listened to the wind and paid attention to the power of thunder and lightning. Each season held meaning and marked the passing of yet another step on the continually revolving circle of life and death.

The Circle of Life: Connecting with Nature

The circle we see in the Medicine Wheel represents Mother Earth or the sacred hoop. Our ancestors saw all life as moving in a circular pattern, which they often equated with the rhythms of nature. In nature, a seed is planted and nourished. It grows, is harvested and is reborn again as a seed which begins the eternal cycle once more. We too are born, grow and die only to be reborn again, in our children and grandchildren, through our creative legacies, or perhaps in another life. The circle offers the way to grow and learn. By entering the sacred circle, we become aware of the web of life that connects all loving and non-living things.

The Medicine Wheel, along with my Drum, has given me access to nature in such a rich and beautiful way that it’s difficult to put into words. My drum and I go out into the garden and the life force that surrounds us opens a portal into a magical land. I am visited by cats, slugs, butterflies, bees and birds: they all offer me information in a way I had never considered before.  A robin sat watching me the other day for a very long time – we were connected through the vibration of the drum, falling into a spell together. Even the clouds seemed to speak to me and the wind whispered in my ear as it brushed past my cheek like a kiss. The Medicine Wheel has connected me to the rhythm of life in a deeply profound way.

My workshops also give you an opportunity to be alone and to ask certain questions of yourself, in accordance to the Medicine Wheel Directions, as a way of grounding yourself and connecting with the essences of the elements. With your internal compass forever inside you, you may never lose your way again.


Movement and Growth

With my guidance, you can enjoy an opportunity to walk the Medicine Wheel, learning, as you do so, that the world around us is in a constant state of flux. Nature moves in a cyclical pattern of growth and development. To grow is to be open to all that life has to offer: new knowledge, new teachings and new ways of living. To cease to move is to become stagnantstagnation means a loss of connection with the web of life.

As you pass through the various positions on the wheel, you learn about the different directions, seasons, elements, plants and animals. You experience their strengths and weaknesses.  Fresh ways of thinking, seeing and living in the world become available to you. As you open yourself to change, you open yourself to a world of unlimited possibilities and the fullness of life, where you, too, can overflow with beauty.

See my workshop pages for more details on what I can offer you as you move forward in this journey of life.

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