Sacred Guide

Beyond the Veil of Perception

Spirit of the Woodland

A seasonal opportunity to experience an ancient tool, the Medicine Wheel to embrace and honour the changing seasons as they move through the Year.

What it does ...

Brings us together, to honour the land and each other with ceremony, drumming, storytelling and a warm fire.

Starts with a Sensory trail.

How it helps ...

Offers an introduction to the Medicine Wheel and the Sacred drum to connect more deeply to your inner nature and the land in which your body walks.

Brings us together to celebrate the changing seasons and honouring the land with Ceremony.

What to bring?

A frame drum if you have one (we can provide spare if not)


Appropriate clothing for being outdoors in the woodland and blanket for the tea ceremony meditation

Lunch, and water


Birtley Woodland, Bramley, Surrey


Imbolc - 4 February 2022

Spring Equinox - 18 March 2022

Beltane - 29 April 2022

Summer Solstice - 17 June 2022

Lughnasadh - 29 July 2022

Autumn Equinox - 18 September 2022

Winter Solstice - 16 December 2022


£35 per person

Please email for all booking enquiries