Sacred Guide

Beyond the Veil of Perception

Medicine Trails

Combines Forest Bathing and Sacred Drumming to honour the connection of our ancestors with the land.

Our progammes ...

Nurture our human innateness to let the land and its messages penetrate into our minds more deeply.

Can last up to three hours.

Guided experience into developing deeper feelings for nature.

An opening of our hearts to the world of wonder and beauty around us.

Ends with a sharing circle and tea ceremony.

What it does ...

Two guides take you on a Medicine trail in a Woodland or a nature setting.

Connects you to your body and the elements of nature.

Opens you up to a deep reverence of life.

Opens the door to your heart and sense of well being.

Opens your lungs and nose to the deep perfume of nature, it’s sweet oxygen and healing properties.

Time away from daily routine and a chance to let go of our day to day worries.

Feel our connection to all living things while developing a strong feeling of kinship with our fellow nature beings.


Birtley Woodland, Bramley, Surrey



5 April, 3 May, 7 June, 9 August, 6 September, 4 October


£28 per person for 3 hours

Please email for all booking enquiries