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Beyond the Veil of Perception

Medicine Wheel Workshop:

Connect with your Inner Direction and Purpose 

Do you feel that life is calling you to new horizons – but you don’t know what they are yet? Perhaps you feel held back by negative emotions, or you just have a niggling sense that something isn’t quite right. Maybe life is feeling dull and routine and you want to rediscover the enchantment that comes so easily to the young.  

If you’re feeling limited in life and disconnected from what’s around you, working with the Medicine Wheel can be powerfully transformative. This ancient tool, used by many civilisations over the centuries, allows you to connect with the reality of your creative spirit and what that wants to birth in the world.  

I invite you to …

  • Take time out to spend peaceful, reflective time with nature.
  • Reconnect with a time when our ancestors were in deep communion with all the beings around us : trees, plants, stones, river earth and sky.
  • Let the Medicine Wheel teach you how to accept the ebb and flow of life.

The activities on this gentle yet profound day will include:

  • Drumming in the Medicine wheel surrounded by Woodland and nature.
  • Discovering gifts of each Sacred direction in the Medicine Wheel by going on a trail of personal enquiry following a Sacred direction that draws you.
  • Hearing the gurgling voices of the brook and the call of the birds.
  • Seeing the movement of the trees in the wind.
  • Gently stroking the surface of the water  and asking it to hold and carry your thoughts .
  • Honouring and learning from the Tree spirit and meeting the Beech Tree family.
  • Coming together to share food around a fire.

You will come away with a sense of your true potential as a vital physical being, connected to all other living things on this planet.

The Medicine Wheel Workshop is a stand alone workshop as well as an excellent introduction to other workshops I offer, which cover all the directions in the Medicine Wheel, as well as Sacred Mask Making.

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I have drawn from the work of Steven and Renata Ash, my teachers, and Kaleo Ching who has developed amazing work and lives in America. He has communicated with me via email and Facebook and supports the workshops, understanding that my perspective will be influenced by his workshop manuals although I may not follow them exactly. I have also been influenced by James Sam and Kathy Callahan, whose philosophies and values have guided my own personal development as well as the workshop programmes.