Sacred Guide

Beyond the Veil of Perception

Woodland Body Drum Healing Session

This takes place in ...

A private setting, the heart of the beautiful woodland surrounded by the tree beings and kites flying in the sky.

Honours your body and all the work it has done.

Starts with a sensory medicine trail to tune your body into your natural nature being.

What it does ...

Develops your awareness of what is happening around you in relation to your inner state of being.

Releases Blocked Physical and Emotional energies.

Opens you to the Experience of being part of the web of life.

Gives you an opportunity to feel the vibration of life around you.

How it helps …

Attunes your body to the natural rhythms of nature

An opportunity to feel held, loved and nurtured in the care of Mother Earth.

Releases tension in your body.


Birtley Woodland, Bramley, Surrey



5 April, 3 May, 7 June, 9 August, 6 September, 4 October


£30 per person

Please email for all booking enquiries


Your Body Woodland Drum Healing experience will include a Medicine Trail.