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Beyond the Veil of Perception


Becoming a Forest Bather

On Becoming a Forest Bathing Guide

My name is Jeanie and I am a Certified Associated Nature Forest Therapy guide. I became so because I noticed how sensitive dogs were, in particular when in a natural…
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The Medicine Wheel in Nature

Living Prayer in Nature Welcome to Sacred Drumming and the Medicine Wheel in nature. My name is  Jeanie, this incredible Sacred engagement offers a ceremony to bring ourselves alive. The…
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Sacred Mask Making


Creativity conjures up a sense of mystery, fascination and longing. It can also bring up less positive feelings of intimidation and envy. If the Muse doesn’t seem to visit you…
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Sacred Guide The South Workshop

Working with Imagery

Imaging is as ancient as human society. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy working with images in a way that brings you insight and delight, helping you…
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Sacred Guide Sacred Mask Making workshop

Sacred Masks

In our busy society, we often get caught up in the pressure of what’s happening around us and what’s expected of us. This can result in a feeling of stress…
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The Medicine Wheel

What is The Medicine Wheel? The Medicine Wheel is a wonderful and powerful reflective tool that can assist you to feel safe and secure and guide you to discover new things…
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Birtley Woodland Nature

Nature Connection

The Pain of our Disconnection from Nature In the Western world, we are so often disconnected from nature: sitting in traffic bumper to bumper all the way to the office…
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Sacred Drumming

Drumming has been used for thousands of years by indigenous healers to shift people out of stuck energy and re-connect them to the flow of life, opening a pathway for…
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The North Bear

Totem Animals

Do you remember the song “Talk to the animals and they will talk to you”? This song first appeared in Dolittle’s residence, when the Doctor fully realised from his interactions…
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Sacred Mask Making

Masks in the ritual of Sacred Drumming for modern everyday society.

Masks in the Ritual of Sacred Drumming and Medicine Wheel for Personal Development and Healing: Creative work as a Sacred Drummer health practitioner has come from my love of masks…
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