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Medicine Wheel

It is an ancient tool used by many civilisations over the centuries made of elements from nature.

An opportunity ...

To set up a sacred space in nature for self-reflection and personal growth.



What it does ...

Invites time to reflect and be with peace in nature.

A way to create a daily ritual you can use in your own home and garden/community.

Introduces you to the possibility of using the drum as a companion, guide and healing instrument on the path to your own wholeness.

A chance to experience Sacred Drumming and chanting for healing and relaxation.

Reconnect with a time when our ancestors were in deep communion with all the beings around us : trees, plants, stones, river earth and sky.


How it helps ...

You will come away with a sense of your potential as a vital physical being, connected to all other living things on this planet.

Discover the gifts of each Sacred direction in the Medicine Wheel and a deep journey of personal discovery and healing medicine.

A Sacred place that becomes your sanctuary and a place to just be with all unfolding life.

Offers the possibility to make and birth your own drum and a life journey on a Medicine Path.



1 to 1 or small group at Birtley Woodland, Bramley, Surrey


£28 per person for 1-1 or group experience

Online 14 Day medicine wheel ceremony also available soon

Please email for all booking enquiries

Medicine Wheel