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The Medicine Wheel in Nature

  • February 25, 2020

The Medicine Wheel in Nature

Living Prayer in Nature

Welcome to Sacred Drumming and the Medicine Wheel in nature. My name is  Jeanie, this incredible Sacred engagement offers a ceremony to bring ourselves alive. The Medicine Wheel Offers a living prayer to all of life, calling in nature that permeates around us , honouring the seasons, the time of day and the changing moods and energies that surround us. We are now in February and beginning to seek the Sun of Spring.  The Earth is showing signs of giving birth to Wild flowers while nurturing trees that are awakening , uncoiling its buds of flowers and foliage , providing homes for birds and other creatures. Us humans are also beginning to come out from the protection of our homes and its central heating.


Living in harmony with the support of a daily living prayer

There was a time when humans were more closely connected with the forces of nature and the elements such as earth, air, fire and water. We also lived in harmony with animals, creatures ,trees and shrubs. They were our teachers and friends, honoured and respected. Sacred Drumming within the structure of an ancient tool called the Medicine Wheel guides us to feel and bring alive this vital part of our lives. This way of  being captivated in our daily experiences has been part of life for thousands of years. It is a gift as well as an opportunity to set a sacred space and experience a daily living prayer to nature ,not just in Woodlands,  but also at home or the garden, even with a group of friends. What a wonderful way to both acknowledge and greet life in its variety of forms.

Sacred Directions

The Medicine wheel is like a compass and with the drum develops a relationship with the energy that are held in each of the Sacred Directions. Try facing East direction first thing in the morning , greet the sun as it rises, drum and sing in the circle of the Medicine Wheel, this can truly set you up for the day.

The Medicine Wheel also guides us to feel , hear, and  live in harmony with the seasons . How does the changing Seasons affect us, and how fine tuned are we to the shifting energy in the Earth and the changes it experiences. When do we actually notice Spring has arrived, is it when we peak from behind the curtains, or maybe notice the birds on the trees, perhaps that delicious sniff of the air that is so sweet and tells us that Spring is on it way. Maybe we don’t even realise it is here. The Medicine wheel teaches us that this time of year is represented by the Sacred East Direction , providing you a space to have a moment to witness the birth of nature as the leaves unfold and reveal the baby like velvet skin to the rays of the twinkling light. These energy patterns affect us all -conscious or not, and we can live in harmony with it, thus teaching us about flow of energetic states and the acceptance of the ebbs in the web of life . Everything after all is in a circle even our cells within cells timeless and flowing. To also Honour such an incredible unfolding with a Sacred Song and sensitive drumming is such a special experience. Each day can be honoured and greeted with a simple ceremony to express gratitude and respect for the land where you live, the nature and its beings, the laments of earth ,air ,water, fire, and your life through the day and through the seasons.


Sacred Guide Medicine Wheel Workshop

Come and commune with ourselves in relationship with nature.

Drums speak and tell us about weather , our moods our rhythms. When I am feeling off beat in life, my drum takes me into nature where its radiant thread re-weaves into my body and mind. The birds seem to appear in the sky , bestowing me with their blessings of curiosity as they are drawn to the sounds of the drum. The rhythmic beat spills out to all creatures near and far who also come with interest and delight . Even a spider comes out from the dark corners . As I drum , a palpable energy fills my body which makes me feel alive and deeply connected . At these moments all creatures are my friends and I touch a delicious reverence inside my being.


Become a valued part of creation and discover allies, helpers and friendship.

By Calling on nature you feel yourself merging with its natural environment and the story it has to tell,  while providing you with a source of guidance and healing . At Birtley Woodland I visit a Mole home and look down with admiration of its work and the teachings it has to offer . The  Mole has ability to find hidden gifts of the earth. It is also sensitive to touch feeling the earths vibration as it digs up the earth and moves along a self created tunnel. It offers an opportunity for self reflection and a question to ask of yourself  “What needs to be unearthed in your life ?”  Thus urging you to emerge from your hole out into the beauty and bounty of the earth and sun .

At Birtley Woodland there may well  be a pheasant popping up to surprise you , don’t we all just love to be reminded of this joy ? . There may even be a deer, also a Red kite and other amazing creatures and tree people for you to meet and spend time with.  Here is a moment for you to open up a sense of wonder and enchantment at the natural world in which you live.

The air through which we walk is in many ways similar to water .It moves in currents and flows in waves .You can see this in the myriad patterns of clouds floating in the skyline. Birtley Woodland has a beautiful stream, and offers you time to touch and speak to it , offering many sensory possibilities as well as letting go of emotional energy that no longer serves you.


Sacred Guide Medicine Wheel Workshop 13

So do come to Birtley Woodland , let me be your Sacred Guide:

  • Come alive with the experience of drumming in the Medicine wheel
  • Discover gifts of each Sacred direction in the Medicine Wheel and go on a trail of personal enquiry following a Sacred direction that draws you .
  • Hear the gurgling voices of the brook and the call of the birds.
  • See the movement of the trees in the wind.
  • Gently stroke the surface of the water and ask it to hold and carry your thoughts .
  • Honour and learn from the Tree spirit and meet the Beech Tree family.
  • Feel and express your appreciation and love of this woodland
  • Come together and share food around a fire.

Do bring a flask of tea/coffee/soup/ boots/ and appropriate clothing to allow you to experience all kinds of Weather .


Love Jeanie your Sacred Guide x

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