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Beyond the Veil of Perception

About Me

My Story 

The world of imagery and sound in nature fills me to the brim with a profound delight. It was my mother who forged a strong link to creativity in my soul: she brought trees, as temples of friendship, alive for me. I was very ill as a child and spent a lot of time in hospital, away from the love of my family. In those days, a mother was not allowed to sleep with her three-year-old child and could only visit in the afternoon. For me, this was an eternity and I cried and sobbed as I struggled to breathe with yet another severe asthma attack.  

When I was pushed in my cot into the hospital garden for some fresh air, I found myself surrounded by the sweet, delicate presence of trees, which my Mum told me were full of elves. The leaves conducted messages through streams and puddles so that she would feel in her heart if I was upset, and she instructed the elves who lived in the trees to comfort me. The imaginary friends my Mum told me about were every bit as real to me as human ones, as they scurried around to enact spells of protection over me. Without knowing it, I used images as a healing force to help me cope with my illness, and created a world which I have experienced as magical throughout my life. 

As my passions for mystery and imagery have blossomed, they have guided me into the paths of Sacred Drumming and Mask-Making, which I am thrilled to share with you as tools for transformation.  

My Training and Experience

I have a background as a Community Nurse, working to support adults living in challenging personal and environmental situations. I also trained as a Dramatherapist and lifestyle health coach and trainer. I’m inspired by environmental therapy and in particular, the Circle of Trees work pioneered by Ian Siddons-Heginworth

Since retiring from the NHS, I found myself drawn to exploring how to open the doors of perception of the life force that surrounds us. I discovered masks through my work as a dramatherapist and have been particularly influenced and inspired by the work of Elise Dirlam Ching and Kaleo Ching. Their book, “Faces of your Soul”, introduces Mask-Making as a way to “connect with a true image of our inner selves, that self that expresses the original blessings that each of us embodies, the image of Divinity waiting to emerge”. It was however with Rachel that I was able to bring this work alive. Rachel is a Dramatherapist and gave her time and dedication as well as fearlessness in allowing herself to be open to trying out this work with me. She was truly amazing in the way that she gave herself to the power of the Mask, offering her vulnerability and her feedback to me as we worked together on a path of the unknown. A video has been captured of this process and can be accessed.....

Such enlivening work, I realised, could be complemented by Sacred Drumming. I was taught this art by Steven and Renata Ashe at the College of Sound Healing, who encouraged me to develop this work.

My Intention

Working as a Sacred Drumming and Mask-Making Facilitator makes sense of everything I have ever done. I want to support others to know and find the space of inner and outer communion that infuses their everyday with bliss, to empower them to express their human qualities through the potent medicine of these practices.

It is my heart’s desire to live the last stage of my life being the artist I feel I should have been. The offering of my workshops, which reconnect people to the natural feeling of wonder, awe and sheer exquisiteness that is our birthright, will be my legacy.

What I can offer you

As an intuitive and inspirational teacher, I am excited to share the fusion of my vast and hybrid knowledge and experience. My Sacred Drumming and Mask-Making workshops open avenues into enchantment, providing opportunities to rediscover the sense of mystery and magic so often missing in our busy lives. I will support you to release yourself from the shackles of your Inner Critic as you give yourself permission to journey towards self-acceptance and self-mastery.

As I drum, inhaling the intoxicating fragrance that the bees, birds and flowers create, my love is with you all from the sanctuary of my garden.

Jeanie x