Sacred Guide

Beyond the Veil of Perception

Move Beyond the Veil of Perception with
Sacred Guide, Jean Hammond

I offer Sacred Mask-Making Workshops and Medicine Wheel Workshops in the beautiful surroundings of Birtley Woodlands in Bramley, Surrey.
I also work with the College of Sound Healing and Fern Sound Spirit Body Energetics and a new collaboration Woodland spirit

After attending one of my workshops, you will go away with:

  • A new sense of upliftment, adventure, intrigue and discovery
  • Connection with yourself, your body, and nature
  • A greater ability to be flexible as you meet everyday challenges
  • A deeper understanding of the energies that operate in life – in a tangible, down-to-earth way
  • Something that you have created, that can anchor you as a continued reminder of this extraordinary experience
  • A ritual to support your daily life and your continued uncovering of the exquisite.

Doing this work allows you to break away from familiar, stagnant patterns of behaviour as you begin to see yourself in a different and fresh way. This opens the doorway into new and exhilarating possibilities … who knows what you could have the courage and curiosity to explore next?

" I am grateful Jeanie for creating a space for Medicine Wheel Ceremony in such a beautiful and  peaceful Woodland where we could gather together to reconnect with the nature and be nourished. She holds the space sharing her passion in alignment with her poetic and visionary nature. I was deeply  inspired and recharged. Looking forward to our next gathering in the Wood. Thank you Jeannie. " - Amber