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The North Workshop:

Find your Internal Wisdom

Is it time for a change? Do you want to unplug from the stress of everyday modern life, reconnect with yourself, and discover your home in Nature again?

Then exploring your ‘true North’ could be just what you need …

This day-long workshop is an opportunity to connect with silence and inner stillness, being nourished by all the treasures to be found here. Find your way through the clutter of busy everyday life to that clarity and intimacy that waits inside you.

I invite you to …

  • Be taken on a Guided Internal Imagery Journey, where you let yourself be deeply held by the Earth as you feel the soil beneath you.
  • Explore the essence of Winter and your capacity to be still so you can access your own internal wisdom.
  • Uncover a better relationship with the darkness of the shadow that resides in Nature, both within and without you.
  • Contemplate the strengths that lie within you and look at the areas of your life that need to wake up out of Winter.
  • Give yourself some time to be like the Bear, who hibernates in her cave to survive the darkness that winter brings. Allow yourself respite to regenerate the energies lost in the stresses of daily life and to receive emotional healing.

The activities on this rich and varied day will include:

  • Using the Medicine Wheel and other ancient tools to learn about yourself in relation to the direction of the North
  • A powerful yet gentle Guided Internal Journey
  • Sacred Drumming to take you deep into your internal ‘cave’
  • An Activity in Nature: A trail in local woodlands
  • Sharing your experience with others
  • Reflective activities
  • Connecting with the Totem animals of the North
  • Singing to connect to yourself and the Earth

By participating in this workshop, you will …

  • Gift yourself with precious contemplation and restoration time.
  • Feel more grounded and find your home within yourself.
  • Connect with healing and peace, whatever that means for you.
  • Come to a greater sense of perspective and acceptance of the changes in your life and your being.
  • Gain insight into your natural cycles and use this to create more balance in your life.
  • Bring the spirit and the insight of the cave into your everyday world.
  • Start the exciting process of being ready for new life.


The North Workshop is a stand-alone workshop which can also be done as part of a series of workshops exploring the 4 directions. The North is ripe for your investigation into its magical and rejuvenating depths! To read more about me, go here

To book or find out more, please contact me here

I have drawn from the work of Steven and Renata Ash, my teachers, and Kaleo Ching who has developed amazing work and lives in America. He has communicated with me via email and Facebook and supports the workshops, understanding that my perspective will be influenced by his workshop manuals although I may not follow them exactly. I have also been influenced by James Sam and Kathy Callahan, whose philosophies and values have guided my own personal development as well as the workshop programmes.