Sacred Guide

Beyond the Veil of Perception

The West Workshop:

Path of Intuition, Introspection and Listening

Would you like to connect with the power and subtle magic of your feeling life? Are you finishing off a project or a phase of your journey and wondering how to come to peace with that?

Whether the changes or questions you face are internal or external, this workshop will give you a chance to access your own inner wisdom with the allies of nature and other like-minded humans.

You will be supported to look inwards, find your light and let go with the flow of life.

I invite you to …

  • Slow down and come into a deeper relationship with yourself and the enchantment of your surroundings.
  • Develop your senses in relation to your emotions.
  • Connect with the search for wisdom and purity.                                                     
  • Open to nature as you listen to and feel its sounds – and find the sounds of your own self.
  • Be gently guided into the unknown by exploring a river in a Guided Internal Imagery Journey.
  • Explore personal protection, security and connection to your ancestors.

The activities on this rich and varied day will include:

  • Using the Medicine Wheel and other ancient tools to explore yourself in relation to the direction of the West
  • An Internal Guided Journey with the element of Water, allowing you to cleanse your mind of muddled thoughts
  • Learning how to work with the qualities of Totem animals associated with the West Direction
  • Resting into the qualities of Water with Sacred Drumming
  • A Listening Activity in Nature
  • Simple breathwork
  • Sharing your experience with others
  • Singing to connect to yourself and the element of Water.

By participating in this workshop, you will …

  • Gain a deeper understanding of any issues you are grappling with in your life at the moment.
  • Rest, renew and rejuvenate yourself in nature.
  • Tune into your subconscious, including opening to guidance from your ancestors.
  • Come to more clarity on where your power lies: in responding to your experiences rather than being defined by them.
  • Connect with peace, inner strength, and a sense of completion where this is needed.


The West Workshop is a stand-alone workshop which can also be done as part of a series of workshops exploring the 4 directions. Allow the great Water to cleanse you and reveal new insight to carry you forward!

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I have drawn from the work of Steven and Renata Ash, my teachers, and Kaleo Ching who has developed amazing work and lives in America. He has communicated with me via email and Facebook and supports the workshops, understanding that my perspective will be influenced by his workshop manuals although I may not follow them exactly. I have also been influenced by James Sam and Kathy Callahan, whose philosophies and values have guided my own personal development as well as the workshop programmes.