Sacred Guide

Beyond the Veil of Perception

The South Workshop:

Walking the Path of Intuition

Do you long to find a way to turn your dreams into physical reality? To feel your own power and manifest this in the world?

Take a journey to the South and unlock the Fire energy within you. Although we often associate fire with anger, this is a power that is intuitive rather than reactive and explosive.

On this full-day workshop, you will enter into an empowering partnership with nature and give space for your inner voice to emerge. Through gentle ritual actions, you will get a taste of what it is to grow into your own strength, creating a new way forward that is unique to you.

I invite you to …

  • Connect to your feelings as you sense your way into the essence of Fire.
  • Enter into a Guided Imagery experience to find your internal Fire.
  • Engage in personal development and develop self-awareness through your connection with the Totem animals of the South.
  • Get a chance to explore nature, gather wood and learn how to build a fire.
  • Give yourself some time to contemplate under the trees.

The activities on this rich and varied day will include:

  • Using the Medicine Wheel and other ancient tools to learn about yourself in relation to the direction of the South
  • A Guided Internal Journey to discover your internal Fire
  • Sacred Drumming and song
  • A reflective Nature Trail
  • Art activity (no experience required!) in nature
  • Voice work
  • Sharing your experience with others.

By participating in this workshop, you will …

  • Land more deeply in your body.
  • Gift yourself with time to connect with you and your feelings, needs and desires.
  • Find guidance from your inner Fire, your birthright.
  • Become open to the ways that life wants to transform you, calling on your allies, the Totem animals of the South.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of activities our ancestors were nourished by.
  • Connect with other like-minded people on a path of discovery.


The South Workshop is a stand-alone workshop which can also be done as part of a series of workshops exploring the 4 directions. The Fire of the South will help you to burn away whatever you no longer need in your life, so that you can rise like a Phoenix, forging new and exciting pathways! To read more about me, go here

To book or find out more, please contact me here.

I have drawn from the work of Steven and Renata Ash, my teachers, and Kaleo Ching who has developed amazing work and lives in America. He has communicated with me via email and Facebook and supports the workshops, understanding that my perspective will be influenced by his workshop manuals although I may not follow them exactly. I have also been influenced by James Sam and Kathy Callahan, whose philosophies and values have guided my own personal development as well as the workshop programmes.