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Beyond the Veil of Perception

Sacred Mask-Making Workshop:

Find your Internal Wisdom

Does your heart long to know who you are and where you belong in this world?
Sacred-Mask Making offers a fascinating path to this discovery.  

In this workshop, you will create a Mask sculpture that expresses the truth of your inner core. Along the way, you will play and explore with exciting tools from ancient ways, dropping deeper and deeper into yourself and letting go of the ‘masks’ society has perhaps forced you to wear. All in a safe, gentle and supportive space. 

This full-day one-of-a-kind experience is an opportunity to unveil the real ‘you’ and to take your place once again in your lineage and within this world of hidden magic and mystery.  

I invite you to …

  • Come on a journey of exploration with your own face, uncovering a new sense of awe and wonder.
  • Use a variety of tools to reveal the beauty and magic of your face, with full guidance along the way.
  • Learn how to create a sacred space through the use of the Medicine Wheel for self-development and connection with Nature.
  • Shift out of states you might be ‘stuck’ in and find healing in different areas of your life and emotions.
  • Discover the gift of your ancestors through the imprint from your face.

The activities on this rich and varied day will include:

  • Going on an internal journey through Guided Imagery Meditation, supported by the drum
  • Meeting your Totem animal (your inner advisor) and experiencing the world through animal sense and action
  • Creating your own mask through a held, step-by-step process
  • Entering into a ritual experience by using your Mask in combination with drumming and song
  • Sharing your experience with others
  • Connecting with your body and your breath in enriching ways
  • Reflective activities such as journaling and dreamwork
  • Writing your own animal story and drumming song
  • Relaxing facial massage.

You will come away with …

  • A sense of new strengths within yourself.
  • The wisdom of shared life lessons.
  • Recharged motivation and inspiration, so often dormant in the day-to-day of life’s duties.
  • Enhanced intuition and sensitivity to your surroundings.
  • An invaluable understanding of your unique place in the world of nature and your interrelatedness with ancestors and other beings.

The Sacred Mask-Making Workshop is an experimental workshop and it is important that interested individuals attend my other Medicine Wheel Workshops first.

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This work has been inspired by Kaleo Ching and his book, ‘Faces of the Soul’. It draws on the book ‘Sacred Drumming’ written by Steven Ash, my teacher and Sacred Drum Master, who runs Sacred Drumming Practitioners courses for the Sound Healing College. As Steven’s teacher, I am honoured to be trained by him and to receive his blessing to be a Sacred Drum Mask practitioner. The content of my workshops is influenced as well as structured by his work. As my background is in Coaching/Therapy and Health, my links are also with environmental therapy, another influence on this material.