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Open Your Senses to the other Earth Born Beings

My name is Jeanie and I am a Certified Associated Nature Forest Therapy guide.

I became so to grow a practise that spoke to my body, my animal nature in a deeply profound way and to deepen my practise as a Sacred Drummer to engage in the matrix web of life, specifically for me, the life of a woodland.

My Forest Bathing practise has an evidenced based framework established by the ANFT for supporting and promoting wellness and the health of ourselves, each other, and the more than human world through guided immersive walks in forests, woodland and other natural environments.

This approach has its roots in the Japanese practise of Shinrin-Yoku eco therapy and the way of the council.

ANFT was founded in a response to global warming and environmental catastrophe. The aim was from the beginning to ignite and reignite love for the more than human world.
Amos Clifford - Founder of ANFT

A Forest Therapy Guide offers you:

  • A held experience that takes care of the time so you can sink into a sense of timelessness.
  • Takes responsibility for the direction of the trail keeping you safe
  • Offer what are called invitations to open the doors of your senses to the healing from the Forest or woodland.
  • A guide gives specific sensory invitations to support you to build relationships with beings of that place.
  • Holds space for sharing of experiences with other people on the walk, which are not necessarily verbal and can be heart felt gestures.
  • Holds a circle of sharing that is simple yet powerful.
  • Holds a space to honour each other and all beings as valued part of life’s matrix.
  • Creates a space to promote love , kindness and innate wisdom’
  • A space for healing and deep connections.

I invite you to …

  • Become a two legged human animal, entirely a part of the animate world
  • Re-discover a language that stirs humility and sensitivity
  • Open your senses to the other earth born beings

Forest therapy was inspired by the Japanese in the 1980s, following scientific studies conducted by the government. The practise is called Shinrin Yoku, which translates as Forest Therapy. It means to let nature into your body through the 5 five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

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