Sacred Guide

Beyond the Veil of Perception


20 Sep 2020


10:30 am - 4:30 pm



Autumn Equinox: Medicine Wheel West Direction.

The West Workshop:

Sacred Guide Medicine Wheel Workshop: The West
Path of Intuition, Introspection and Listening

Would you like to connect with the power and subtle magic of your feeling life? Are you finishing off a project or a phase of your journey and wondering how to come to peace with that?

Whether the changes or questions you face are internal or external, this workshop will give you a chance to access your own inner wisdom with the allies of nature and other like-minded humans.

You will be supported to look inwards, find your light and let go with the flow of life.

This is an outdoor activity in Woodlands, in all kinds of Weather. You will be invited to take a solo journey into the woodlands during this workshop. Please come with appropriate clothing to keep you dry and warm or cool depending on what Mother Nature has in store; Wear sturdy footwear as the ground can be muddy and uneven. It is also advised that you bring water/tea/coffee and snacks for yourself.

The event is finished.

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