Sacred Guide

Beyond the Veil of Perception


29 Oct 2021


10:00 am - 3:00 pm



Journey through the Medicine Wheel with Sacred Drumming – Samhain

We welcome you to the wild beauty of Birtley Woodland in October, for the first of eight workshops that will follow the wheel of the year.

As you stand on Winter’s threshold, draw nurture from the tools and techniques of the loving Ancients; Medicine Wheel, Sensory and Drumming Journeying and Sacred Ceremony.

Embrace this chance to flow in nature’s peace and space, with like-minded souls. To reconnect with the wild loving essence of how you were meant to be, unfurl fully to your hearts truth and see what is revealed…

Autumn leaves are fallen and the harvest gathered in. As the wheel of the year hovers at Winter’s darker threshold, let your senses awaken in the shadows, moist chills, musty aromas and secrets of the Wild Wood in this darker part of the year.

Within the Medicine Wheel daylight recedes as Autumn sunset blazes in The West, taking us to darker places illuminating and liberating our inner shadows. We release the past that we may move forward with clarity and flow like water, at one with the Natural world, to incubate new seeds of life through the Winter’s North, exploring its night, stillness the mysteries of unmanifest potential.

The veil is thinnest as we bid farewell to Autumn, taking a last journey West to connect to the Ancestors, releasing all from what holds us back, gratefully receiving new guidance for the Winter ahead.

Here at Samhain, all living things must prepare for Winter’s retreat, connecting deep down within, into the nourishing, loving, healing core. In the longer nights, the inner world calls us ever deeper and closer to wonder and softly touch the mysteries, wisdom and purity held in the human heart.

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