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Beyond the Veil of Perception

The East Workshop:

New Beginnings

Has life become a little stale and mundane? Do you feel the call towards a new vision? Would you like to free up your soul, release the past, and access the help you need to find a way forward?

Unleash the excitement and freshness of new life and ideas by awakening the powers of the East within you.

On this full-day workshop, you will rediscover the simplicity of breath, life, and the present moment through a beautiful day in the woodland. Be inspired as you find your place in the world again.

I invite you to …

  • Explore the path of new beginnings and receive the gifts and messages of nature.
  • Enter into a relaxing Guided Imagery experience to connect with the element of Air.
  • Go on an external journey in the woodland to listen to the element of Air through the secrets of the forest.
  • Be supported to engage in personal development and develop self-awareness through your connection with the Totem animals of the East.
  • Take time out from everyday life with rejuvenating, peaceful time in a woodland.

The program on this rich and varied day will include:

  • Using the Medicine Wheel and the wisdom of the Eagle to learn about yourself in relation to the direction of the East
  • A Guided Internal Journey to find the Air element within you
  • Sacred Drumming and song
  • A Tree Activity to help you access your unique path
  • Reflection to get in touch with your life purpose, using tree wisdom
  • Sharing your experience with others.

By participating in this workshop, you will …

  • Enter and connect to the world of trees and animals to open up opportunities and generate a feeling of gratitude.
  • Explore the elements of the East, awakening new beginnings and the conception of life and ideas.
  • Get a chance to seek the secrets from the winged animals.
  • Begin to transform your life and sense of wellbeing.
  • Connect with other like-minded people on a path of discovery.


The East Workshop is a stand-alone workshop which can also be done as part of a series of workshops exploring the 4 directions. Be carried on the Winds of the East as you step forward into a new world of wonder, learning to embrace the future with hope and anticipation. To read more about me, go here

To book or find out more, please contact me here.

I have drawn from the work of Steven and Renata Ash, my teachers, and Kaleo Ching who has developed amazing work and lives in America. He has communicated with me via email and Facebook and supports the workshops, understanding that my perspective will be influenced by his workshop manuals although I may not follow them exactly. I have also been influenced by James Sam and Kathy Callahan, whose philosophies and values have guided my own personal development as well as the workshop programmes.